Teen & Family Communication

With over ten years of working directly with teens and their families, I bring a unique perspective to how families communicate with each other. Learning how to come to a place of “shared reality,” while disarming your own judgements about what you and your child/parents might be thinking can be a real gift. Family work gives everyone in the room a chance to express themselves and be validated for their concerns, hopes and fears. I work often with teens and families who find themselves having come through a crisis or a “rupture” that has changed their relationship in some way. Everyone gets tools to practice at home.

LGBT Individuals, Couples, Family Systems

I welcome all genders, orientations and family configurations into my practice. I especially enjoy working with members of the LGBT community surrounding issues of coming out, self-discovery, identifying social support, establishing community and enjoy working with dynamics that can sometimes be unique to the LGBT couple and family. I remain professionally connected via membership and training with a number of organizations dedicated to providing quality, affordable care to gender and sexually variant communities.

Caregivers of Family Members with Severe Mental Illness

My work in hospitals and residential care facilities has given me particularly meaningful insight into the challenges that come with living with and caring for a loved one with severe mental illness. From emotional volatility to grieving for lost or changing dynamics, it can be hard to remain present for a loved one when they are experiencing the most challenging aspects of their illness. How you process these changes can have an effect on your relationship. I help you recognize these challenges, maintain healthy personal boundaries and provide empathetic support to your loved one. I have also had significant experience working with teens and young adults with early onset psychosis, and make my office a welcoming and non-judgemental space for all to consider the best steps in helping the family to come together on this journey.

My experience in mental health and education spans the spectrum of age, population and community. I have worked with children, teens, families and adults in many parts of the bay area. I have worked with schools, community organizations, outpatient programs, and residential treatment facilities. In addition to my private practice, I have worked with the following schools and agencies:

  • College Counselor, Pacific Collegiate School; Santa Cruz
  • Case Manager, Residential Mental Health; San Jose
  • Clinic Intern, City of Fremont Youth & Family Services
  • Guidance Counselor, Archbishop Mitty High School
  • Therapist Trainee, Adolescent Counseling Services; Palo Alto High School

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